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Wholesale Simpson Strong-Tie Hurricane Ties and Connectors

We stock a large wholesale inventory of hurricane ties and connectors for...

We supply contractors the ties + connectors they need for large hurricane construction projects

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Wood floor trusses with hurricane ties & connectors

Simpson Strong-Ties help structures resist hurricane and high wind events

Building codes that are properly implemented have a significant impact on how well structures resist hurricane or high wind events.

Contractors that use hurricane ties and connectors build durable structures that continue to stand after hurricane and other high wind events.

Simpson Strong-Tie logo

Simpson Strong-Tie is the industry leader for structural connectors that are continually tested and engineered for providing a continuous load path transfer system, reinforcing a structure from the roof to the foundation.

Our wholesale Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and ties are available to contractors all year long – whether it’s hurricane season or not.

We are a premier provider of wholesale Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and ties

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Large steel frame construction with red and yellow crane

We stock Simpson Strong-Tie steel connectors and commercial clips that have been fully tested and engineered for cold-formed steel construction. Our inventory includes a full line of bridging & bracing connectors and joist framing connectors.

Bridging & bracing connectors

  • Steel framing connectors
  • Steel-stud connectors
  • Rigid connector angles
  • Coiled straps
  • Bridging
  • Drywall bridging connectors
  • Bridging connectors for cold-formed-steel-stud construction
  • Spacer bracers

Joist framing connectors

  • Coiled straps
  • Utility clips and skewable angles
  • Steel-joist connectors
  • Bridging
  • Hangers
  • Ledger connector system
  • Steel-joist hangers
  • Drywall hangers
Construction of wood frame home as a storm looms in the background

From straps and ties to heavy girder hangers (and more), the Simpson Strong-Tie stainless steel connectors we carry increase the strength and safety of wood-frame structures.

Our inventory includes…

  • Hangers
  • Heavy-duty joist hangers
  • Hurricane and seismic ties
  • Deck tension ties
  • Holdowns
  • Embedded truss anchors and truss seat snap-ins
  • Post caps
  • Adjustable and standoff post bases
  • Column bases
  • Column caps
  • Double-shear joist hangers
  • Standard joist hangers
  • Skewed 45° hangers for solid sawn lumber
  • Glulam bean and double-shear joist hangers
  • I-joist hangers
  • I-joist and structural composite lumber hangers
  • Skewed 45° hangers for I-joist and SCL
  • Face-mount joist hangers
  • HPT hurricane ties
  • Twist straps
  • Coiled straps
  • Strap ties
  • Reinforcing and skewable angles
  • Framing angles and plates
  • Deck joist ties
  • Adjustable stringer connectors
  • Angles
  • Fence rail brackets
  • Staircase angles

High Wind-Resistant Construction Guide

Get a FREE 80-page, color application guide discussing the critical elements of high wind-resistant construction.

  • Includes information on the effects of wind, corrosion and uplift
  • Provides detailed product information for construction in high-wind areas

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